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NBA Crime Library is an extensive library of every (known) arrest of an active NBA player.  Currently we’re up to over 300 total arrests and 50 mugshots covering all 30 franchises and spanning  the last 60 years.

Check out the menu tabs above to find all players sortable by:

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Finding and organizing all of these arrests has taken a lot of time scouring the internet, and we hope you enjoy!  By all means feel free to link to the site but please provide credit.


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Beasley, Michael

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Charge:  Driving with a suspended license and driving with excessive speed

Arrest Date: January 25, 2013

Franchise: Phoenix Suns

Age 24

Details: Beasley was pulled over after officers noticed him driving 71 mph in a 45 mph zone, with no license plate on his vehicle.  He was found to have a suspended license and was handcuffed and placed under arrest.  After officers discovered he was too tall to fit in the back seat of their patrol car, they decided to cite and release him at the scene.

Original news account

Felton, Raymond

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Charge: Possession of a firearm

Arrest Date: February 25, 2014

Franchise: New York Knicks

Age 29

Details: Felton turned himself into police following an arrest warrent for unlicensed handgun possession.  The police were alerted by Felton’s estranged wife, who provided the gun to police and claimed he threatened her with it.

Original news account

Sullinger, Jared

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Charge: Assault and battery, malicious destruction of property and intimidation of a witness

Arrest Date: September 3, 2013

Franchise: Boston Celtics

Age 21

Details: Sullinger turned himself in several days after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend following an argument after she found evidence on his cell phone that he was cheating on her.  His girlfriend started packing her bags to leave when Sullinger pushed her onto a bed, pinned her, then tossed her onto the ground before smashing her cell phone.

Original news account

Liggins, DeAndre

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Charge: Domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, domestic abuse in the presence of a minor

Arrest Date: August 31, 2013

Franchise: Oklahoma City Thunder

Age 25

Details: Police were called following a domestic incident between Liggins and an unknown female.  Liggins was arrested for domestic assault, along with battery with a dangerous weapon, all in the presence of a minor.  Details at this point are not yet known.

Original news account


Liggins DeAndre 08.31.13

Odom, Lamar

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Charge: Driving under the influence

Arrest Date: August 30, 2013

Franchise: Los Angeles Clippers

Age 33

Details: Just a few days after news reports surfaced claiming that Odom was hooked on crack cocaine, he was pulled over after driving erratically at 4am in California. He refused all chemical tests but showed signs of being under the influence of either drugs or alcohol and failed a field sobriety test.

Original news account

Lawson, Ty

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Charge: Failure to appear in court

Arrest Date: January 29, 2013

Franchise: Denver Nuggets

Age 25

Details: Lawson was arrested after failing to appear in court following a citation he received during the summer of 2012 for driving under restraint and careless driving.  This arrest only became public following a subsequent domestic arrest in August of 2013.  Lawson also was arrested for drunk driving in 2008 while attending the University of North Carolina.

Original news account

Lawson, Ty

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Charge: Physical harrasment and criminal mischief

Arrest Date: August 17, 2013

Franchise: Denver Nuggets

Age 25

Details: Lawson and his girlfriend were arrested after fighting in their homes.  Details are sketchy at this point, but does not appear to be physical in nature, but involved yelling and throwing phones at eachother, among other things.

Original news account


Lawson Ty 08.17.13


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